Slash Costume


Using my illusion

I was Saul Hudson, better known as Slash, last night for Hallowe’en. That top hat was fabricated at 10:30pm using a Lucky Charms box, some cardboard, and some tinfoil, all duct-taped and hot-glued to a witch’s hat from the dollar store. The cigarette is a rolled-up index card with masking tape on the “filter” to keep it from getting all waterlogged, which worked perfectly.

And that hair. That hair is all me, baby, and I didn’t even need to tease it. The photo doesn’t do it justice, it was sooo big and sooo puffy it was like a cloud from another dimension. All I did was rinse out most of the conditioner I use to keep it from taking over the solar system, and it expanded to the point where this morning I found a bartender caught in it from last night.

And she was all “HI” and I was all “GAH” and I tried to shake her free. And she was like “AWW WHY DO I HAVE TO LEAVE THIS SOFT DOWNY NEST IT IS SO COMFORTABLE WITH ALL ITS UNTAMED POOF IT IS LIKE LYING IN A PILE OF BUNNIES” and I was all “GET OUT OF HERE AND ALSO HOW DID YOU GET IN THERE ANYWAY” and she was all “LAST NIGHT YOU BRUSHED PAST ME AND YOUR HAIR ABSORBED ME AND I WAS SCREAMING AND FLAILING BUT YOUR MARVELLOUS HAIR DAMPENED MY BLOWS AND MUFFLED MY CRIES LIKE SOME KIND OF SPACE AGE INSULATION” and I was all “GO HOME IMMEDIATELY” and she was all “BUT PLEASE SPACEPERSON I AM STILL ENTANGLED” and finally she used a Swiss Army knife to “slash” her way free of the tendrils and she said “HA HA PUN INTENDED” and I lost my temper and went “GET OOOOOUT I AM LAAAAAATE FOR DIM SUUUUUM” So she started to back away but then darted in one more time to pet my hair very gently with just the tips of her fingers, and I made a face like “DON’T MESS WITH ME LADY” and she gasped and skittered away like an adolescent deer through the undergrowth and I went to meet my relatives for some dim sum.

(Dim sum was amazing by the way. Thanks, Uncle Tony!)

Anyway, this is why I use so much conditioner. Leaving my hair untamed was rather like having a possum, three wolverines, and a canoeload of buffalo pelts all wrapped around my head for the evening.

Overall the costume worked out pretty well for something created in such a last-minute hustle. I went to the washroom at one point, and a panicky woman in Edie Sedgwick eyelashes said “SLASH THIS IS THE LADIES’ ROOM” and then I felt like a success. But then, like 10 minutes later, I was striding powerfully up the street to the bank machine, emitting as much early 1990s rock-n-roll machismo as my skinny jeans could muster, and some teenager goes

slash obama

If you are a brown person and own a top hat of some type- or just ninja skillz for making one out of cardboard, like me & Jimmy here, well then here are two things you can be for hallowe'en. PS. Neither of these things is Michael Jackson.

slash costume

Moments later my hair reached out and grabbed that guy behind me and dissolved him for his nutrients. He knew it was gonna happen, too. You can see it in his tiny terrified eyes.

5 Responses to Slash Costume

  1. WOW – great job! You even have the brick wall background!

  2. jessperson says:

    Never before did I realize Slash’s nose is so cute!

    There’s this, bluntly on point. And then there’s this, about not wanting to see oneself as “that guy.”

    Oh yeah – too bad the bartender got away – could prolly use her in about six weeks. Perchance you have a tea tray in there still.

  3. […] something like this as a 2010 Hallowe’en option. Assuming I can’t find another biracial celebrity first. […]

  4. zentai suit says:

    Nice costumes, they are awesome for halloween party.

  5. I do agree with you on this. Thank you for your insight and sharing this with us.

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