Grocery Store Musical by Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere is well-known for the frozen Grand Central Station thing they did last year, and the spontaneous wedding reception they pulled off earlier this summer. Here’s their latest: a seemingly spontaneous musical number in the produce section of a large grocery store in Queens.

I bet they were hoping to get the patrons in the grocery store to squish their fruit together, too. I think the onlookers might have participated if the request made a little more intuitive sense- I don’t really get the fruit-squishing thing and I’m gonna assume that means the grandmas in the grape aisle must have been even more confused. Still, fun!
Here’s their interesting photo-essay about the process.

Thanks to Peneycad for the tip.


One Response to Grocery Store Musical by Improv Everywhere

  1. HuggPress says:

    I thought that was great, tho I agree about the weirdness of the directive to squish the fruits together. I love how charmed New Yorkers get when they see something pleasant happen in public instead of someone pooping on the L train platform.

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