Captain Vegetable, crunch-crunch-CRUNCH

This was my favourite Sesame Street character as a child. What a rousing song! What a wholesome message! How full of win!

Thanks to Peneycad for reminding me.


3 Responses to Captain Vegetable, crunch-crunch-CRUNCH

  1. Leslie says:

    That was some old school looking candy! Where are all the artificial colours and the overpackaging? What kid (other than some hippy’s kid) eats BLACK licorice?

  2. Kalman says:

    The first time I watched this I thought ‘meh’ NEVER saw this as a kid. But now? Now it’s in my head, like all the time.

  3. Kalman says:

    Update. I think I just realised something.

    I think that (above) is based on this:

    Henson was pimp. Mind=blown.

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