OKCupid blog on which religions are best-liked (!)


OKCupid is an online dating site where users answer a ton of (like 200-ish) questions about their attitudes. For each question, they also indicate how their ideal mate would answer the same question, and rate the question in terms of importance to them. The result is that the site’s algorithms calculate which users each person will find “most compatible” based on that person’s customized definition of compatibility.

Recently OKCupid started a blog where they reveal and analyze insights gleaned from their number-crunching. The language they use to analyze their findings is very casual, which makes for an easy read including some surprisingly blunt declarations.

This week’s entry deals with which religions are “best liked” and which are “compatible” with each other according to the preferences and numbers generated by OKC’s own user base. Some choice tidbits (reading this stuff makes me feel kind of dirty, but remember, cavalier and loaded as some of the language may be, their numbers don’t represent value judgements- they’re just publishing numbers generated by the users’ own self-defined preferences):

Jewish men, in particular, have an above average match percentage with every religious group. They even match Muslim women better than Muslim men do.

Hindu men… match worst with Hindu women.

Catholics are more universally liked than Protestants. While neither Christian group has many extremes of like/dislike, Protestant Christians only truly match well with other Christians.

The less serious you are about religious beliefs, the more well-liked you are, even by religious people… and please note that when [we] say “religious beliefs,” [we’re] talking about the full spectrum of beliefs, from Atheism to Orthodoxy, so don’t take this as anti-god.

Pretty interesting stuff: give it a read here. And next week they’re looking at race and how it affects matchiness: I’m RSSing this one for further study, fer sure.

Thanks to Reuben for the tip.


One Response to OKCupid blog on which religions are best-liked (!)

  1. Alison says:

    That is so neat. I’m gonna check out the site.

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