I’ve been a frazzled split end of a woman lately (film festival! and acting! and eating so very many lucky charms! also pop tarts! and etc!), hence my fortnight’s absence from blogging. I don’t like blogger apologies so I will not bore you with one, and will instead stress that I’m not sorry at all, it was totally worth it. (Just kidding, I kind of missed you, blog. And readers. And especially commenters. And also, when I don’t hear my own voice chirping away into the silence the days are sooo loooong.)

Also, I’m surprised to note that I have a desire to write a really good post to get back in the proverbial saddle, but also I don’t have anything particularly noteworthy brewing, possibly because Lucky Charms are not as “smart” a “choice” as that food guide arrow green checkmark logo on the box would have us believe.

Anyway lucky for you, Peneycad sent me the best blog post ever (thanks lady) so maybe I’ll just link to that and you can go read it. Why is it so good? Because it’s hilarious, and also you LEARN something. Learning is okay, right? So here. Go learn about how an eye can be made of a tooth. Awesome. Also, GAH.

Eye tooth lady
Eye tooth lady, part deux


3 Responses to EYE TOOTH EYE LADY

  1. devan says:

    thank god your back…i check your blog everyday and get really really really upset when there’s nothing new. it’s all i live for. that and perez.

  2. Plight says:

    Interestingly the smell you get during laser eye surgery is almost identical to the smell of a dentist drilling your teeth.

  3. stamperoo says:

    GAAAAH what a HORRIBLE thing.
    Thanks a lot for making me think of burnt eyeballs.

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