Oren and Brady are adorable

September 30, 2009

I taught camera acting at Sheridan College last year. These two were in my class (not that I am trying to take any credit for the genius of this video- my class involved lots more lines and lots less smart funny improv). This song totally made my morning.

Here is another video of people from my theatre school being funny: Shannon and Shannon present “My Acting”.

Ce soir sera une bonne bonne soiree

September 29, 2009

172 Montreal frosh show us what’s what in la belle province.

Merci a Peneycad pour le tip!

UPDATE: Here’s a buttload more info about this video and others like it.

OKCupid blog on which religions are best-liked (!)

September 29, 2009


OKCupid is an online dating site where users answer a ton of (like 200-ish) questions about their attitudes. For each question, they also indicate how their ideal mate would answer the same question, and rate the question in terms of importance to them. The result is that the site’s algorithms calculate which users each person will find “most compatible” based on that person’s customized definition of compatibility.

Recently OKCupid started a blog where they reveal and analyze insights gleaned from their number-crunching. The language they use to analyze their findings is very casual, which makes for an easy read including some surprisingly blunt declarations.

This week’s entry deals with which religions are “best liked” and which are “compatible” with each other according to the preferences and numbers generated by OKC’s own user base. Some choice tidbits (reading this stuff makes me feel kind of dirty, but remember, cavalier and loaded as some of the language may be, their numbers don’t represent value judgements- they’re just publishing numbers generated by the users’ own self-defined preferences):

Jewish men, in particular, have an above average match percentage with every religious group. They even match Muslim women better than Muslim men do.

Hindu men… match worst with Hindu women.

Catholics are more universally liked than Protestants. While neither Christian group has many extremes of like/dislike, Protestant Christians only truly match well with other Christians.

The less serious you are about religious beliefs, the more well-liked you are, even by religious people… and please note that when [we] say “religious beliefs,” [we’re] talking about the full spectrum of beliefs, from Atheism to Orthodoxy, so don’t take this as anti-god.

Pretty interesting stuff: give it a read here. And next week they’re looking at race and how it affects matchiness: I’m RSSing this one for further study, fer sure.

Thanks to Reuben for the tip.

Beyonce cover: Mr Little Jeans’ version of “Single Ladies”

September 26, 2009

This is a great cover. Soft, sweet folky voice with syncopated clapping. Sounds a little like Jolie Holland doing the “Jumbo-lee-tay-set-ee-oh-yeah” part of Dancin’ in the Streets. Free fast download here.
Thanks to Elliott for the tip.

If you’re a B-Knowles fan, here are other posts on pageslap about Beyonce.

Greasing palms the twenty dollar way

September 25, 2009

Via Kottke, three fun articles about how to use $20 bills to bribe people to get what you want. TOTALLY TRYING THIS.

Sir, I will bellow, waving a crisp twenty dollar bill before slipping it delicately into the fare box, give me your finest seat on this streetcar.
Ma’am, he will say, I can’t really get the money out when you shove it into the locked fare box. And I can’t give you change for that. Also, please move back.


September 23, 2009

I’ve been a frazzled split end of a woman lately (film festival! and acting! and eating so very many lucky charms! also pop tarts! and etc!), hence my fortnight’s absence from blogging. I don’t like blogger apologies so I will not bore you with one, and will instead stress that I’m not sorry at all, it was totally worth it. (Just kidding, I kind of missed you, blog. And readers. And especially commenters. And also, when I don’t hear my own voice chirping away into the silence the days are sooo loooong.)

Also, I’m surprised to note that I have a desire to write a really good post to get back in the proverbial saddle, but also I don’t have anything particularly noteworthy brewing, possibly because Lucky Charms are not as “smart” a “choice” as that food guide arrow green checkmark logo on the box would have us believe.

Anyway lucky for you, Peneycad sent me the best blog post ever (thanks lady) so maybe I’ll just link to that and you can go read it. Why is it so good? Because it’s hilarious, and also you LEARN something. Learning is okay, right? So here. Go learn about how an eye can be made of a tooth. Awesome. Also, GAH.

Eye tooth lady
Eye tooth lady, part deux

Flash Game: Red Remover

September 7, 2009
Red Remover.  Might as well be nicknamed Time remover.

Red Remover. Might as well be nicknamed Time remover.

In case you have any spare time on your hands that you want to have totally eradicated by a very addictive flash game, may I present: Red Remover by Gaz. All you do is bust the red shapes, keeping the green ones onscreen. But it gets harder and harder, with multiple planes of gravity, and then there’s a second round that’s pretty ridiculous. You can *feel* yourself getting smarter while you play.

Here’s a tip: Look at the name of each level name before you start; it’s helpful and will become even more helpful in the second round. I am proud to say I completed the whole game at par* in “hard” mode, without any hints. I am ashamed to say that I wasted all my spare time for an entire weekend doing so.
Thanks to Emmanuel for the tip.

* Except Level 44, which I could not complete in less than 2 over par.
But I was below par for two other levels so I’m counting it.

Level 44 is for jerks

Level 44 is for jerks

Oh, and here’s another fun flash game – Totem.

Beagle escapes from shed

September 6, 2009

This video is much more fun to watch when I tell you that the beagle does not injure itself at the end.

Via Mefi.

The Caster Semenya story made me wonder about gender* testing.

September 6, 2009


Caster Semenya is a record-breaking South African sprinter whose times are so crazy good that the opponents she smoked last month claim that her muscular physique and lack of lipstick are indicators that she’s secretly male.

I’ve been following this story with interest, because I think Semenya’s case raises some discussion-worthy equity implications (1, 2, 3, to name a few). And no matter what the ruling is regarding the sport’s determination of her biological sex, the whole issue is being spectacularly mishandled.

Anyway, here’s a fabulous roundup of the history and procedures surrounding gender testing in sports. Turns out sex-verification is more complex than it sounds, and here’s an interactive quiz where you get to examine, test, and then ascribe a sex designation to a fictional, virtual athlete.

* PS, the scientist in me hates using the word “gender” (a sociological term) where I should be using the word “sex” (a biological term). But it doesn’t sound right to say “sex-testing”, that sounds kind of… like… what kind of tests are we doing, exactly, and who’s doing the grading? I’m just saying.

PPS, Whatever. I pretty much conked the scientist in me over the head with a liberal dose of theatre school and a lifetime of snacking on artificial cheez products which are not technically food at all, so her complaints are quite faint.

Star Trek TNG, re-edited. Episode 13: Riker’s Beard.

September 5, 2009

So awesome. Lots more re-edited ST:TNG epidodes here.
Thanks to Jess for the tip!