Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Al! Alan!

Walk On The Wild Side is a new BBC series. Great writing.
Don’t have the volume too loud for this first one.

Via Jess.


20 Responses to Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Al! Alan!

  1. Justin says:

    lmao… funny. “oh thats not alan..”

  2. Digital Dame says:

    Love it, the sharks were hysterical!

  3. gheymedia says:

    Fantastic clips, great find!!

  4. az says:

    ha! so where is Alan?

  5. Mike says:

    funny talking animals are great

  6. jakyastikpress says:

    Ha ha. it’s really funny. So enjoyable, I loved it.

  7. Keny says:

    Haha…I love the sharks.

  8. lilabyrd says:

    Nice… hmmm… you got the number of that handsome fellow… ya know the “Day Time…Night Time”?… :} …… Lila Byrd

  9. Quito says:

    Capuchin dentist monkeys…pure genius!

  10. Isabella says:

    OMG!!! Nighttime… Daytime !!!!
    Hahahahaha I laught soooo much! such a genial idea!

  11. nadine says:

    how do you blog?

  12. Cokeandpamdaeyes says:

    haha… daytime, night time is genious!! Never even knew this programme existed!!!

  13. SaiyaGin says:

    Really, really funny! And cute, too.

  14. Just can’t help but wonder…why were the sharks gathering like that? It’s like, someone called a meeting. Could it really be? But really now, it has to make you wonder…doesn’t it? The voice over was hilarious though, thanks for the laugh.

  15. bwlight says:

    Love it! Just love the owls & “shoot shoot shoot shoot” & “nighttime, daytime!” Thanks!

  16. lilleigh03 says:

    who does the voice over for the alan alan alan sketch????????

  17. jessperson says:

    I fink it’s Jason Manford (the alan sketch voiceover).

    I like “you don’t need to wind it on it’s digickle get on with it!”

  18. crowbiz says:

    In case you’re wondering why there may have been a million hits to this post, it was me, then me showing everyone I know. Can’t stop laughing at the prarie dog shouting my husband’s name “Alan” followed by my neighbor’s name “Steve.” I didn’t think they even knew any prairie dogs.

  19. u have been blogging a lot.. are u jobless

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