Breastfeeding Doll: Bebé Glotón

Bebé Glotón (Spanish for “Greedy Baby”) is a doll that breastfeeds. Your child can strap on the included nursing bra, complete with flower-shaped areolae, and quiet this squalling baby by nursing it. Manufacturer’s site here. WHAT. THE. WHAT.



5 Responses to Breastfeeding Doll: Bebé Glotón

  1. Alison says:

    I picture a whole generation of women who think breastfeeding means just getting their baby’s mouth in the vicinity of their nipples.

  2. bestsariah says:

    I don’t know…I think it’s kind of cute. I’d rather have kids pretending to feed their babies in a healthy way than through a bottle.

  3. funny says:

    woooooww very2 thanks to share :P i always came to visit ur blog

  4. Kelly says:

    this is brilliantly juxtaposed with bam-bam the 6-y.o. boxing prodigy. and we wonder why our little girls seem to go all lifeless and miserable once they hit puberty… so depressing.

  5. chuchipupi2 says:

    bad news BEBE GLOTON the breastfeeding doll is almost sold out there are a few left on eBay and Amazon but the manufacturer said that sells went through the roof this month and he won’t have more available until February.

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