Tequila Bookworm = NO NO NO

I used to love Tequila Bookworm, a cute little cafe at Queen & Denison. I used to eat there all the time. I went there on Tuesday (new, less cute location at Queen & Ryerson, a few doors away from the old, cuter spot), and after being ignored by the server for 12 minutes or so, eventually ordered an omelette and “rosti” (aka, a greasy ass hashbrown latke). The omelette was fine, but I could only manage two bites of hashbrowns, which were NASTY- chemical tasting and weird. I politely sent them back (the server loved me for that) and had a salad instead, with dressing so vinegary my teeth melted.

24 hours later, so did my gastrointestinal tract, with the worst food poisoning I’ve had in years. I don’t know what the hell was on those potatoes, but it should be bottled and sold as a cleanse. I think I saw my appendix on the floor after I was all done.

I ate no fewer than 8 caplets of pepto bismol and couldn’t look at food all day (which was insane, by the way- a solid day of meetings, show errands, choreography rehearsal, and then TWO show openings, all on an entirely empty stomach that rumbled and screamed all day). But in the end it was a win: both shows totally killed (4 stars for “It’s Just A Phase, and 5 stars for 36 Littles)!

And then I went out to celebrate, fell hilariously up the stairs, and got into an argument at the bar with a bellicose Albanian guy who thought women and visible minorities should stop whining about their rights and suck it up like immigrants always do (that was kind of a fun argument, actually, and as I was leaving that guy’s friend clasped my hand in both of his and said “Thenkyu forr arrguing veeth my eediot frriend. You arre incrredeeble. Vhat a joy to leesten to you arrgue.”)

And then I took a cab home and ate a Flakie in bed.

Pretty good day after all.


2 Responses to Tequila Bookworm = NO NO NO

  1. jennyhead says:

    i think i have food poisoning today too but i did not eat at tequila bookworm. do you recommend pepto bismol, then?

  2. Leslie says:

    I don’t even go near there anymore. I don’t think I have ever gotten anything resembling ‘service’ and it was not like they were busy. Sorry about the food poisoning. Buy gastrolyte- just not at shoppers because they charge a fortune.
    I say call dinesafe on they asses

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