Update on Fake Black Dad

Is it just me or does that dude's expression remind you of CeilingCat?

Is it just me or does that dude's expression remind you of CeilingCat?

Some updates to my previous musings about the Fake Black Dad on the cover of the Toronto Fun Guide:

My downstairs neighbour and all-around funny guy Charles picked me up a copy of this wonderful publication, placing it delicately on my doorstep a mere day and a half after I wrote that post. Thanks, Chuck, you da man. The Photoshop job doesn’t look as bad in person as it does in the image above, although it’s still noticeable if you’re lookin’, which of course I am.

Also, I found out that the person who noticed the bad P-shop job and found the original stock image in the first place is my friend Chip Zdarsky, a talented writer & illustrator who has this uncanny knack for making every interaction sort of moist and uncomfortable. Way to go, Chip, you got a graphic designer fired, probably. Also, please respect my personal space more.

And finally, the city fun guide magazine contains a photo that I can only assume is of two versions of me as a child in an alternate universe.


Seriously, what the heck? My hair was exactly like that. And one of those little girls has my close-set eyes and ready-to-rumble facial expression, while the other is evidently dreaming of a Chicken McNugget; also a recognizable Stamper trait. Amazing.

Clearly I need to figure out which Toronto-area summer day camp this uncaptioned photo was intended to promote, and avoid it, lest I meet my wee doppelgangstas, our timelines collide, and we rip the 1980s right out of the space-time continuum. What would happen to Scott Baio then? Best not to find out.


5 Responses to Update on Fake Black Dad

  1. reuben says:

    nicole, are you mixed?

  2. greg says:

    can you trademark doppelgangstas? that’s brilliant, tell me you didn’t steal it from elsewhere.

  3. stamperoo says:

    i made that shiznit up so hard.

  4. […] my screen doppelganger: jazz singer Molly Johnson. Oh, and these kids. And maybe one of these children (scroll down) could appear as the young me. What a strange and fuzzy-haired world that would […]

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