My friend James is a professional prosthetist, which means that if you ever need a fake nose, a rubber hand, or, uh, you know, some other synthetic appendage, he’s your dude. There are lifelike silicone feet on his dining room table, if you know what I mean. And I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you do know what I mean, since that’s not actually a euphemism.

Anyway the other night we were over there for Elan‘s birthday and James had a beautiful, highly detailed silicone fingertip kicking around (uh, maybe I should say “poking” around?). One of the interesting properties of this kind of silicone is that it sort of suctions on to human skin, which suggests some interesting possibilities.


James isn’t sure about this idea.


It’s like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, only… not.


(That’s our pal Damian– I’m making some arts for an art show with him later this summer; stay tuned for deets, it’s gonna rock)

And I think this one’s my favourite pic of me & the Scooter, ever:


And also? James is gonna make a mold of my feet for use in a future prosthetic! I have pretty much the least attractive hands a human can have, but my feet are grade-A for adorable, so I’ll gladly comply, and wlll be sure to document the proceedings in an upcoming Pageslap post.

Thanks to Mandy for the marvelous camera & photos.

UPDATE: He did it! He made models of my feet! I am officially a model! From the ankles down! Pics here.


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