Fake black dad

Is it just me or does that dude's expression remind you of CeilingCat?

One of Toronto’s summer fun guides did an almost-imperceptible Photoshop job: can you spot it above? It’s pretty nuanced, so look closely. Ok, ok, take it easy, I’ll tell you. They pasted a black man’s face over a stock photo depicting an olive-skinned man. Why? Because Toronto is a multicultural mosaic and they wanted to make their cover family more diverse. Now the image represents both interracial marriage and microcephaly. I quite like this, actually. I wonder who BlackDad really is, and if he made royalty fees? A head tax, maybe?

If anyone sees this magazine around town, can you grab me a copy?

Via Torontoist


2 Responses to Fake black dad

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  2. Anonymous says:

    chilll man

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