30-Rock IS The Muppet Show

An exhaustive argument proving that 30-Rock is just an adult reboot of The Muppet Show.



Liz Lemon is Kermit the Frog.
Both are the most normal people on their respective shows. Both are unlucky at love. Both are neurotic worrywarts and type-a personalities who slow burn into a crazy breakdown once per episode. AND both have some kind of flirtation with the guest stars that ultimately goes nowhere. There is absolutely no difference between Liz Lemon and Kermit the Frog save for genitalia (Liz is a lady, Kermit has none).

Wow. Just, wow.
Via Metafilter.


One Response to 30-Rock IS The Muppet Show

  1. […] I liked this page. It may be of interest to character designers, illustrators, actors, and Tina Fey. […]

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