He is SO ANNOYING and I just keep watching the video. I must’ve watched it like 9 times since I posted it. I just cannot stop. It’s a perfect storm of things that annoy me: fake-casual and yet theatrical hello, dramatic pauses, people who introduce themselves with their real name AND their stupid 1990s nickname, UV paint, overexplaining, weird run-on-sentences, acting jovial without warmth, use of the Royal We, and commentary of things he’s doing as if they’re happening of their own accord- “OOh, he’s coming back!” Wait, when you say “he”, do you mean YOU? As in YOUR OWN HANDS? That are ATTACHED TO YOU? Cause I think ya do. And did I mention the dramatic pauses? And when he goes “Fwth-tonight!” I SCREAM. I literally MAKE A LOUD NOISE, so unhappy am I.

Andrea P, I swear to gord I’m gonna rickroll you for telling me about this.


4 Responses to GAH

  1. Andrea says:

    do you know what is SO FUNNY, nicole? I KEEP WATCHING IT TOO!!!! i feel all guilty about it, like, ‘if my roommates hear me watching this thing again, they’re gonna give each other The Look’ but i can’t stop myself. i do apologize, but, ya know, i DID warn you.

  2. stamperoo says:

    I think what really gets me is that he’s so jolly but not having any fun at all. Like he’s trying to connive me into thinking I’m having a good time. He’s like one of those dillweed radio DJs who are all like HELLLOOOOOO HAAAAWWWGTAOOOOWN ARE YOU HAVING A GOOOD TIIIIMMMMEEE???? and trying to yell me into thinking something fun just happened. I hate him so much

  3. Andrea says:

    and yet he’s trying to be casual enough to make you think that he DOESN’T sit in front of the mirror for 5 hours a day, perfecting his craft. and then do 45 takes of this stuff, just to get the perfect ‘FOUR-TEEN-CLAPS-PER-SECOND’ timing to match his ‘skeleton faces’.

    you know, when i see stuff like this i am just glad that i don’t know how to work my webcam.

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