Proteus Syndrome

Mandy Sellars, a 34 year old British woman, has a rare medical condition that confuses many doctors, but is most often diagnosed as something like Proteus syndrome (the same condition as so-called “elephant man” John Merrick). The congenital condition has caused her legs to continually and unevenly grow for her entire life.

proteus syndrome

proteus 2

Sellars’ legs now weigh over 200lbs (not counting the weight of her torso) which causes her mobility issues, ongoing medical complications, and pain. There’s a short print interview with Sellars here, and more photos here and here.


The other woman in the above photo also has PS and has had one of her legs amputated to increase her mobility; Sellars plans to do the same at some point in the future. She’s the subject of a number of documentary pieces, and lives in England, where she helps organize fundraisers for the Proteus Syndrome Foundation.
Via Metafilter.


2 Responses to Proteus Syndrome

  1. tonya says:

    just wanted a update on mandy did she keep her legs or not and how is she doing now.

  2. I love Jesus says:

    I just watched a tv program and it said Mandy decided to have one of her legs amputated,I pray she recovers well amen

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