Is this a joke?

Here’s a new invention. But I don’t really understand. I mean, I guess I can see how you might like to have one of these, but I think I’d feel weird about folding it up and putting it back in my backpack after everyone on the camping trip has enjoyed its use.

Also, what are you supposed to do with the filled baggies afterwards? The site vaguely suggests that you “dispose of them responsibly”, but surely we should define “responsibly” before we just assume we’re all on the same page about where the poo should go. I mean, Wikipedia suggests that in rocky areas one should “smear it over the rocks for faster drying,” an unsubstantiated claim which sounds like a 1980s interior wall decor faux-finishing idea gone horribly wrong, and also, uh, some of us might like sitting on those rocks for sunbathing and picnics. And not to mention, where are your friends while you’re a-smearin’? Are they just waiting for you a few yards away on the trail? And upon your return to the group, does anyone high-five you?

I think people will be more likely to just toss the bags in the trash like a doggie bag, which isn’t a great idea, as human waste has pathogens that are bad for other humans (don’t get me wrong, dog crap is gross too, but at least it’s not full of hepatitis). I’m not gonna lie to you, this whole idea makes me a little upset.

I was amused that the bags are “degradable”, though. Not biodegradable. Just degradable. Like, you can ask them to do things no self-respecting bag would ever want to do. Like collect human waste. Oh wait.
Promise this isn’t gonna become a scat blog. I was just confused, is all.
Via Metafilter.


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