Guest Post: “My Acting” – IT’S ALIIIVE, by Shannon & Shannon

Well wasn’t THIS the most delightful thing to wake up to.

A pair of friends, acting their very best acting to the tune of Pageslap’s recently-unveiled short play transcribed from reality, “My Acting”.

Oh the Shannons, how I adore thee. Some people spend their Friday nights bumping and grinding at revolting nightclubs. Others spend their Friday nights wandering into strangers’ houseparties and trying to flirt. But you two? You two get cozy in your jammies with some chardonnay and a webcam, and what do you do? YOU DO YOUR ACTING.

Shannon and Shannon for the win! Next time I see you I’ll be sure to have a trophy of some sort to present to you. Hopefully it will be shaped like acting. Or possibly like Tim Allen.

– Shannon and Shannon are actors. And so much more.


6 Responses to Guest Post: “My Acting” – IT’S ALIIIVE, by Shannon & Shannon

  1. carlyjay says:

    #1. That was awesome.

    #2. I, too, was so, SO disappointed that we never found out what happened on Tool Time.

  2. […] UPDATE: “My Acting” has received its first off-off-off-off-off-off-off-off-off-Broadway performance, in my friend Shannon’s living room. Click here to watch Shannon and Shannon acting “My Acting”. […]

  3. […] guess this is kind of the second guest post on Pageslap (the first being Shannon & Shannon’s funny video version of “My Acting”). But listen, you guys, I’m really damn lazy and am happy to have more. You can write me […]

  4. Kelly Welly says:

    AWESOME Ladies!! Round of applause!! *tears tears* That was CLASSIC!! :D

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  6. […] check out this short article and YouTube video. That seems pretty definitive to me. Thanks to Donaldson for the […]

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