Chords of Pop: G-C-Am-D

Ever notice how many pop songs use the exact same chord progression?
Axis of Awesome noticed.

One online commenter notes that this progression naturally tells a story:

“Start out with your main character (tonic).
Heap on some adversity (subdominant).
See how character responds to this adversity/climax (dominant).
Then wrap up the story (tonic again).”

Via Metafilter.


6 Responses to Chords of Pop: G-C-Am-D

  1. jessperson says:

    That was amazing!

  2. carlyjay says:

    That was the coolest.

  3. Kalman says:

    Thanks a bunch Stamp. Now I have Lighthouse Family raping my mind’s ear.

  4. Just FYI, the chords are actually E-B-C#m-A

  5. Francisco says:

    that was so cool thanks…THIS SHOULD BE VIRAL

  6. Francisco says:

    I love it when they start singing Take On ME… SO FUNNY

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