Old English Mastiff: I’m agog at this dog

Last week Alison and I watched a baseball game in a Toronto park, and a guy wandered past with THE. BIGGEST. DOG. I. HAVE. EVER. SEEN.

This dog was literally as large as a juvenile lion, a fact I breathlessly reported to Scott and of which he was deeply skeptical. However, I have actually petted a juvenile lion (that’s what happens when you work in kids’ television for 6 years, you get to touch lots of weird animals, including terrifyingly huge juvenile lions, which by the way are hella allergenic. And also one time a sheep pees on your foot on live TV). So I think I should know.

This dog was as tall as a Great Dane and as thick as a Rottweiler. It had a short muzzle on a huge face and its head was pretty much the size of a basketball. It was also very docile, plodding along slowly and sniffting at things. It was kind of like a Chinese dragon puppet from a parade, and kind of like a golden-haired buffalo. The dude who was walking this enormity was clearly pretty accustomed to all the attention and was happy to tell us his dog’s breed: Old English Mastiff.

I did some google searching so I could share with you this awesomeness. Most English Mastiffs you’ll see on the Interwebs are slender gazelles in comparison to our boy from last Tuesday. They basically just look like tall Rotties.

Dakota here is not representative of her breed.

Dakota here is not representative of her breed.

I know you’re all like BIG WHUP. But you know what? IT WAS A BIG WHUP. Assuming of course that by “whup” you mean “dog”, and by “big” you mean “unbelievably huge”.

The man in this photo weighs 270 lbs.

The man in this photo weighs 270 lbs.

This dog's weight was recorded as 286 lbs, but the owner thinks his actual weight is probably quite a bit more, since "his butt wouldn't fit on the scale"

This dog's weight was recorded as 286 lbs, but the owner thinks his actual weight is probably quite a bit more, since 'his butt wouldn't fit on the scale'

I would not be surprised if the woman in this photo is 6 feet tall.

I would not be surprised if the woman in this photo is 6 feet tall.

And imagine you’re a common burglar and you hop a fence into the yard containing this big boy:

Note that the head and body of this dog are the same thickness.  It's like a pommel horse with pointy parts at both ends.

Note that the head and body of this dog are the same thickness. It's like a pommel horse with pointy parts at both ends.

Sad day for the thief: although dogs of this breed are usually quite laid-back, they were originally bred as guard dogs. Cromwell the dog got to keep the intruder’s shirt, and the thief sped away topless (and probably a little damper in the pants area than he liked to be).

The average weight for an English Mastiff is about 225 lbs… but the Guiness record for Largest Dog Ever is held by an 8-year old male English Mastiff who was named Zorba, who weighed 345 lbs, and was 8″3′ from nose to tail. Just to give you a sense of scale, basketball player Shaquille O’Neal is 7″1′ tall and weighs 325 lbs.

So yeah. Old English Mastiffs. Niiiice doggie.

58 Responses to Old English Mastiff: I’m agog at this dog

  1. scoot says:

    It’s like the BBC did a CGI-based faux documentary about pre-iceage dogs that roamed Pangaea and pulled trees up by the roots.

  2. alisonjutzi says:

    I thought the one we saw suffered from Gigantism or something. Guess not. I totally want and don’t want to own this dog.

  3. jennyhead says:

    alison, there is no room for a dog of this size in your life. no dog of any size can fit into your life.

  4. mike says:

    Where was this? Maybe it was my dog! I live in toronto and have a VERY large English Mastiff!

    • Marshall says:

      Hi Mike, do you still have the mastiff? male or female? how much does it weigh? does it shed much?
      I ask because I am considering getting an english mastiff.
      thanks Marshall

    • Marshall says:

      does it drool much?

      • harry says:

        theres something called google and replying to posts a year old is stupid

        you dont use the computer much do u

      • Anonymous says:

        Easy now Harry

      • Brianna says:

        Thats a funny question! i have an english mastiff shes a beautiful average 150 pounds of adorable cuteness. she drools alot when shes begging for food, drinking, or eating. you would never regret getting one! she has a collection of teddy bears, cat stuffed animals, and a stuffed animal alligator that she brings to us when we come home! im getting a neapolitan mastiff soon check those out if you want a drooly dog!

  5. stamperoo says:

    It was in a park beside the DVP, near the Bayview extension, I think. Broadview and Danforth area. Like 10 days ago. Was it you?!

  6. Emde says:

    Regrettably it gives humans, whom Power, Size and Weight as a worthwhile character a characteristic regard. I have Bull – Mastiffs and can only reports for years: ” to feed each idiot, meaningfully and moderately, can train weighed out feeds means Diziplin”. But this lacks the owners also, as should it there with the dogs fold?.

  7. travis says:

    That is just disgusting, these people need to exercise their dogs more, they should NOT be that big.

  8. animallover says:

    Aatamperoo…Travis is right,MMMM I work at an animal hospital with yeas and practice of skooling…veternarian technologist.. DOGS DO NEED THERE EXERCISE, are owners awful for it, some of thoes breeds just by looking at there figure are in the overweight category…some of them have belies and a lot of fat above the ribs and not just that no figure and there are diet foods for animals out there, not over the counter tho.. alot of the grocerystore pet store food isnt great, there are nice brands but there just okay.
    Some of them are fine tho and in normal ranges and they can grow to be that large but some are overweight!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    that pin cushion steroid fool probably thinks he looks good, but he’s really a roid junkie

    • donald says:

      thats funny my uncle is twice the size of that guy and has never touched roids lmfao the only over sized thing there is a under exercised dog

  10. Elaine says:

    These dogs can range from 147 pounds to 252 pounds on average, depending on their blood line. As puppies they grow in one day as much as human babies grow in three weeks – thats twenty times the growth rate of a human baby! They must not be exercised too much until they reach around 15 months old. The bitches will mature at round two and a half to three years and the dogs between three and a half to four years. They take ages to mature and then some can age fairly quickly. The average life span is around ten years.
    Some were bred extra heavy in the 1970’s and 1980’s for the show ring – this is where the above dogs gene pool is from. They can really begin to sag at the age four – yet the lighter dogs stay looking better for longer.
    I have a bitch that weighs 200lbs at the age of four. Her father weighed 252 pounds. I rescued her and she was starved as a puppy. My vet, (who seems to be one of the few that understands Old English Mastiff’s) said that her metabolism is very slow, due to being starved as a puppy. Also down to her sheer size, she is very lazy, rarely runs or trots, but she has two walks per day. There is nothing wrong with her thyroid or heart. She is fed a raw, natural diet including chicken wings, organic vegetables and a small amount of biscuit. She eats about the same as a german shepherd. People assume she eats like a horse and is fed rubbish – which is so wrong!!! They eat more when they are growing and should be fed twice a day – never once as they are big dogs. Mine get a snack in the afternoon too.
    There is a book called ‘Mastiff Images’ which is photographs of Mastiffs which live in the Netherlands. The author’s Mastiff’s apparently trot along with him for miles when he rides his bike and are very active. It depends on the bloodline you see. Also ‘A lion is to a cat what a MASTIFF IS TO A DOG’ – EVEN THEIR BLOOD IS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT – but they can take normal dog blood. I do not think Mastiffs should be compared to any dog that is not a Mastiff – even a cross breed – they ARE different. They are the OLDEST BREED IN THE BRITISH ISLES and have been used a war dogs for years. They even pulled the Munition Carts in World War I; and were sadly used for bull and bear bating too. They have a bloody history. They are beautiful loyal, noble and stately dog who have earned a place in our hearts like horses have. Now is their time to be looked after, they deserve it, for what they have so bravely done for us in the past.
    Do NOT compare them to Bull Mastiff’s either – this mix is only 60% Old English Mastiff and 40% Old Bulldog! This is soooo infuriating – this is why so many people see an Old English Mastiff and think it’s an overweight Bull-Mastiff.
    You just get sick and tired of explaining yourself and HAVING TO JUSTIFY YOUR DOG’S SIZE.
    I shall get off my soapbox now.
    Thanks for reading this.
    Bye x

    • Dani says:

      They did not originate in England. They are originally from Italy and were brought to England during WWI.

      • Brianna says:

        No the english mastiff is the oldest breed in the world and was in rome fighting with the gladiators, then was brought to england (watch dogs 101 on animals planet or do research) the neapolitan mastiff originated in italy and the french mastiff or dogue de bordeaux originated in france.

  11. Elaine says:

    Puppies need to be fed 4 times a day and gradually as they grow, drop it down to 3 and then 2 main meals.
    Thought I’dbetter add that in case it was not clear to you. (See above). Your dogs appetite will tell you.

  12. Jeff Gu says:

    As the owner of a black-over-fawn brindle English Mastiff female (her name is Sadie) I can vouch for the size this breed can reach. As mentioned by others, there are some dietary needs for this breed during their growth years (up to about 2.5 years of age) that MUST be considered. They’ll eat a lot during this time, as they need a considerable amount of calcium and protein to ensure that their bones and body mass develop properly. They can have serious hip and joint problems if not fed a healthy diet during this time. As adults, they don’t eat any more than a German Shephard or Rottweiler does.

    Sadie is now 11 years old, and weighed 207 lbs. when we last weighed her, but is probably a little over that, now. She’s still very heathy, but is very old for her breed. She’s probably about 10 lbs. or so overweight, but at her age, I’m not going to put her through the stress of going on a diet. She has no hip dysplasia, just a bit of arthritis in her back legs, but she’s still getting around just fine. She’s a bit slow getting up, these days, but so am I.

    This is a large, heavy breed and should not have that scrawny look of a high-energy dog. Some of those pictured above are certainly overweight, however. They should look beefy and solid, not fat. They have a wonderful disposition, and are good guard dogs by virtue of their sheer size. Most people instinctively know better than to mess with anything this big that has teeth. Sadie is strong. Really strong. Mastiffs tire easily, but she can drag my 170 lb. narrow butt across the yard when motivated.

    My 140 lb. Rottweiler was a big boy. He lived with Sadie for several years before his death at 9.5 years of age, and during that time he never gave her any guff. Even he knew when he was playing out of his league. Sadie doesn’t take any smack talk from other dogs, period. She’s never aggressive, but she’ll put them in their place if they annoy her too much. Our 75 lb. Catahoula Leopard Dog (very high energy breed) torments her, but she tolerates him and still plays with him a lot. When she’s had enough rough play, she gives him a little growl that tells him she’s done, and he leaves her alone for awhile.

    The Mastiff is a wonderful breed, but they are big and messy and not for everyone. They take up most of the bed, so you have to get used to sleeping on a narrow strip along the edge. They snore very loudly, so earplugs might be needed.

  13. Anonymous says:

    ummmm….that’s exactly how it works. Most of the dogs above are overweight, newsflash – giant dogs can get overweight too. If an owner is overweigh, chances are the dog will be too. Sad, but most people are overweight.

  14. andy says:

    I think we should cherish all dog breeds and mutts too! Dogs are the reason humans were able to populate the earth (the first domesticated animal), and have helped to form who we are.

    When comparing animals to their domestic counterparts, domestic animals lose approximately 20% brain mass over the centuries. Dogs also have less brain mass than their wild counterparts, but humans also lost 20% brain mass after domesticating dogs, as our need for physical brute strength and acute senses diminished, and our cognitive and decision-making regions increased, as we became responsible for guiding the destinies of our companion animals. Their speed and agility allowed mankind to domesticate all the other animals that we farm… except maybe fish (just kidding).

    Dogs were the gateway between humans living as animals, to becoming the caretakers of other animals. They should all be cherished and treated like the partner species to humankind that they are.

  15. Wow I have never seen anything like this before. I know there are big dogs but this one is a surprise to me. Thank you for sharing this one. How I wish I have this kind of Dog.

  16. Bernard Lasko says:


    Looks like a “photoshop” to me.
    Mastiff’s are not very “tall” as a breed.

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. Richard says:

    I have a 11 week English Mastiff/Great Dane. Her name is “Samba” My vet helped me find her. I am a retired Texas Trooper K9. I worked with German Shephards during my 18 years of duty. Great dogs! Now I wanted to take on a BIG BOY breed. The Vet, she said that I hit the jack pot. 48 lb at 11 weeks old she will be a BIG GIRL. She has the Great Dane look but thicker
    Loved all the comments above. Good luck to all dog owners and dog lovers.

  19. Lili says:

    Is that even healthy??.. that poor dog is severely overwheight.

  20. Rhonda Nash says:

    I really enjoyed the photos and your article about the mastiffs. We have always had labs which I adore. We have 4 children 27, 25, 20 and 18. They have all had their own pets growing up. My son who is 20 now had a black lab named Hunter from the time Michael was about 5 or 6 and he loved that dog. He get sick very suddenly and the vet thought he had either been bitten by a rattle snake or a copperhead and perhaps he may have had cancer. She finally decided that he could have been bitten by a snake also but that he did have cancer and there was nothing to do for him except keep him comfortable or stop his suffering and let him go. Our son was a senior in high school and we talked with him but let it be his decision and as painful as it was for him he made the best decision for his buddy.
    He is getting an English Mastiff in a few weeks and we are all excited about it. So I am trying to find out as much as I can about the breed. The owner is my best friend and her daughter is my son’s girlfriend so I know some about them but its still not the same as having your own 24/7. The pup is fawn colored and is a real sweetheart. I just want to find out as much as I can because he will be a member of the family and since we’ve never had one I don’t want to make any mistakes with him. I’d welcome any advice you have to offer or from anyone else who has posted comments. Thanks so much, Rhonda

  21. chantelle says:

    omg that is amazing!!!!! i never knew that dogs exist this big :D

  22. Vince Stead says:

    I think your site is excellent! I wrote a book about an English Mastiff called “Sammy the Runaway Mastiff”. It is about a big giant friendly dog that breaks out of his kennel, and takes a journey across the country!

    If you have a child that likes English Mastiff’s, please let them read this book. You can get it at Amazon and other places!

  23. shrek says:

    I may have missed a similar reply but almost every dog in the above photos are GROSSLY overweight,the owners should be reported for cruelty not boasting about the size of their dogs,yes they are a massive breed,I have 2 massive breed dogs myself,if either of them looked as these do I would be deeply ashamed of myself. I love my dogs too much to be killing them slowly as these owners are! Its outrageous they have these pictures up and are proud about the size of them!

  24. Realdoll says:

    Its true that british mastiff’s are biggest dogs on the Earth ?

    • emily says:

      They are recognised as being the heaviest breed but the irish wolfhound is the tallest.
      The one in the first picture is massively overweight and those spindly legs don’t look like they can carry that dog. The 3rd picture looks quite in proprtion and it does look like a big dog not just fat. Then again you can’t see that one from the side.

      Anyway I feel sorry for the dogs, they must have very bad joints and heart problems, carrying all that extra weight around.

  25. brenda says:

    that is one big u guys have 0: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  26. Anonymous says:

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  34. Mitch says:

    I have a 2 year old english mastiff Brindle in colour….she approx 200 lbs last weigh . She is a gentle giant and our baby girl… excellent, docile breed ! Seems this breed is getting quite popular actually, there are several in my neighbourhood !

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