TCAF – Toronto Comic Arts Festival

This weekend is TCAF- the Toronto Comic Arts Festival- at the Toronto Reference Library, and my pals Willow Dawson and Ramón Pérez were kind enough to mention pageslap in their TCAF artist profiles for The National Post. You can read Ramón’s profile here and Willow’s profile here).

They’re both wicked illustrators/creators- Ramón writes & draws, among other things, an absolutely edible-looking webcomic called Kukuburi and the ridonkulously funny Butternut Squash, and Willow’s co-created a ton of books and does beautifully evocative paintings on cardboard that I really dig; in fact I wonder if she might sell me one this weekend.

I’m gonna be there all day Saturday womanning Scott Hepburn‘s table. He made some badass prints you can pick up, including the fattest little Hulk you ever did see. Come say hi if you’re around, hey? But don’t make me angry.

Hulk print by Scott Hepburn

Hulk print by Scott Hepburn


One Response to TCAF – Toronto Comic Arts Festival

  1. Jack says:

    I wish he had the time to keep going on Butternut. It’ll come eventually and when it does, it’ll be amazing.

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