Sit Down Shut Up

Sit Down Shut Up is a brand-spankin’ new cartoon- only 3 episodes so far. It is HILAIR. Stars the voice talents of Jason Bateman, Will Forte, Will Arnett, Kristen Chenowith, and more awesomeness. Go watch it and then you can be all “Oh my god you haven’t seen sit down shut up yet? You better basically SIT DOWN SHUT UP and watch it, yo.” That’s how I’m all about it. It’s all about the teachers in a high school. It is all funny.
That is all.



One Response to Sit Down Shut Up

  1. […] are starring together in the really funny animated series Sit Down Shut Up (I wrote about this here- go watch the episodes if you haven’t already, they are FUNNY-LIKE). These two guys […]

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