Leotarded, as in “that’s so –“


Advice columnist Dan Savage vows to stop using the word “retarded” as a derogatory descriptor of things he thinks are stupid.

From now on, instead of saying “retard” or “that’s so retarded,” I’m going to say “leotard” and “that’s so leotarded.” I won’t be mocking the mentally challenged, just the physically gifted. I will pick on the strong—and the limber—and not the weak.

While I’m not sure I’d have gone so far as to describe the mentally challenged as “the weak”, overall I think this is amazing. As Stephen Colbert coined “truthiness”, I hereby dub this “correctiness”.


One Response to Leotarded, as in “that’s so –“

  1. …yes but you may offend leo dicaprio fans.

    but that’s okay.

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