Disgusting things in cans that should not have been canned, Volume One

Time for a new blog series!

Let’s get this going right with Exhibit A:

canned whole chicken

Wow, sounds like a real timesaver! And it looks pretty good on the label, hey? Let’s crank open that can and see.


Hey look, schmaltz! (Excuse me, did you say something? Oh you were just retching quietly with your mouth shut? Sorry, my bad.)
Let’s birth this bird from its tin canal.


Ooh, it comes with a nice clear gristle jelly, I didn’t see that little extra on the label. It’s sure to be flavourful.
I think it’s time to brown up this bird in a nice warm oven.


Note that this poor carcass has been cooked not once but twice and still can’t manage to get a decent colour on. Also, is it just me, or does this chicken bear an uncomfortable resemblance to Ötzi the Iceman?
(Too soon?)

If you want to know more about this chicken (and who wouldn’t, really) Tracy’s full story (and a link to lots more great photos) is here.

Also, unbelievably, a British man with terrible judgement ate a canned chicken that was 50 years old… and he lived!
Via Metafilter.


6 Responses to Disgusting things in cans that should not have been canned, Volume One

  1. jennyhead says:

    this is unbearably disgusting but i enjoy your new banner.

  2. jessperson says:

    black humour + tolerance for revulsion + can-do attitude = british strength

  3. wow. that is disgusting. i mean truly. who would eat that.. blech.

    speaking of things in cans. i once ate canned smoked oysters that were about 10 years past the expiry date. i didn’t know this till i was halfway through the can… but they were just so tasty i had a few more before i stopped :)

  4. ps/ i like the new logo in square brackets. i have a thing for square brackets, so nice.

  5. […] like my chicken fresh, thank you. To see the birthing of one of these babies from its prison, visit [pageslap]’s post about canned whole […]

  6. JenNyShA says:

    that..is not good WHo would even be lazy enough to buy a non reputable brand CANNED WHOLE CHICKEN?!!

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