Facebook-stalking is like this, too

April 30, 2009



Cosmonauts’ secret conversations

April 30, 2009

In the early 1960s, a pair of Italian brothers allegedly managed to hack into Soviet and US transmissions from the first cosmonauts. For strategic reasons, some early space missions were kept secret until they were proven successful, but the Cordiglia brothers (age 20 & 23), managed to make a satellite dish that they claim picked up secret transmissions from space shuttles back to Russian & US home bases:

… on 11 April 1961, an Italian journalist working for the International Press Agency in Moscow received a tip-off that something “of immense importance” was about to happen. He called the Cordiglia brothers.

“We leapt out of bed,” said Achille, “dashed over to our receivers and began listening. Suddenly, in what was a magical moment, the hiss faded and this Russian voice emerged from very far away for a few seconds.” At that stage, no one in the West – not even the President of the United States – knew that the Russians had launched a rocket.

Russian translators were few and far between but the brothers had this covered – their younger sister was fluent in Russian. The first sentence they heard was: “The flight is proceeding normally. I feel well. The flight is normal. I am withstanding well the state of weightlessness.”

As the brothers listened, the cosmonaut experimented with zero gravity. They lost the signal as the cosmonaut prepared for re-entry while whistling a communist hymn. It was only then that President John F Kennedy was awoken at 2am to be given the news that Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space.

Fascinating article here. Cosmonauts and space missions seem very theoretical and almost like works of fiction to me: this article made them seem much more real, even if it may be an exaggeration or hoax.
Via Metafilter.

I love you, Internet

April 30, 2009

This site proves to me that there is an Internerd community for every single thing in the whole entire world.

Young love

April 30, 2009

The little boy is Tan Hong Ming. The little girl is Omi Kazrina. This video is rated A for adorable.

I think the final message is supposed to be like OMG, Malaysia, little kids from different ethnic groups can get along!!11! But it’s kind of confusing if you don’t pay attention to the names or look too closely; you might not notice that the kids are so “different”. I just want to pay for them to have a romantic dinner (pizza and chicken nuggets by candlelight, maybe) and record the whole thing for cuteness posterity. Is that wrong?