MUTO- animation painted on walls.

Blu is an animator/graffiti artist in Buenos Aires. Muto is a huge-scale piece of animation, painted on walls, which blew my head open (and then a little guy came out of my skull and blew his own head open and then another little tiny guy came out of his skull and pulled his little tiny head off and offered it to a giant, etc).

Muto, animation by Blu.  I'm renaming it, actually.  We'll call it "Awesomation".

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

It is SO good. 7.5 minutes- make sure to watch with sound. Clicky clicky here (because I cannot for the life of me get Vimeos to embed, if anyone knows how, lemme know, because it’s not like I’ve never tried).


One Response to MUTO- animation painted on walls.

  1. […] some ways this reminds me of Muto by BLU- I like how the characters define the world as they pass through it, and the clever use of space […]

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