Rules for negotiating

This is great- rules of thumb for negotiating your own deals. I have seriously made some dumb negotiating mistakes in my time. This one time I agreed to work in exchange for a pat on the head. And the hand that patted me was all the way across town and I hadda take the Queen Streetcar and I got leered at on the way, and at the end of it all they didn’t even reimburse my transit fare. And to top it all off, I think that patting hand had, like, some gum stuck on it, because later I found some gum stuck in my hair and the flavour was almost gone.

So, uh, these rules should really help me.

2. Never go to money

By this I mean you should try to get the person who you are pursuing with your script to come to your place of work. If they don’t ever come to you, you are essentially dealing with an onanist. The theory is that, if the person will not leave their yacht, penthouse or mansion to come to visit you, then they will never take you seriously.

More here, on the Raindance site, which is full of good articles and kicks in the pants for filmmakers.


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