I do not like it when people use the word “stomach” to mean “belly”. Your stomach is inside you; your belly is the outside. People say things like “I have a fat stomach” or “the baby is in Mummy’s stomach” and in my head I scream BELLY. That is all.


3 Responses to Belly.

  1. jessperson says:

    That makes me crazy as well. Stomachs are waaay higher up than the distended area that people mean when they’re talking about fatness or pregnancy.

    Also I think the word stomach is much better with a German accent. Sto Mach. It’s just so staunch sounding.

  2. stamperoo says:

    Schto Mach. Ja.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i like tummy myself. in reference to stomach hurting, only.

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