Hip-hop lyrics make a lot less sense without context.

Even with context they’re not necessarily great, actually. Luckily this blog is trying to stem the rhythmic tide of nonsense.

“I’m so dope I just jump in the toilet and flush.”
– Boots from The Coup, Bullets and Love

This is the least dope thing you can do. Only your ankles would get wet and then there would be toilet water everywhere. And what do you mean you just do this? Sorry, this doesn’t work for me.

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Found this on Metafilter. More here. I like the look of those Tumblr blogs. I was gonna make one, but then I didn’t. True story.


4 Responses to Hip-hop lyrics make a lot less sense without context.

  1. Jamar says:

    This is what I posted as a reply on that blog. Since I found that blog through this one, I’ve decided to share this with you as well:

    You ignorant ass. The whole line is “When I’m runnin from the police, I don’t have to rush/I’m so dope, I just jump in the toilet and flush”. Dope dealers often get rid of their dope by flushing it down the toilet. This is the problem with white folks’ critiques of hip-hop. Boots Riley is probably much doper than you even know, since you miss a lot by not caring to understand the experience. Get a new hobby.

  2. stamperoo says:

    I don’t understand. You used the word “ass” to refer to the SnacksAndShit blogger, but to my knowledge, that word refers either to a rear end, or to a donkey. There’s no way that blog was written by a buttock or by a hooved animal! Get real! Typing would be so challenging!

    So Jamar, can you revise your reply so as to make your critique of that critique a little more accurate? Then you can totally re-post your critique here, and I’ll re-critique your post.

    And please keep in mind that I don’t understand metaphors, similes, or sarcasm. Or any word beginning with the letter M. And also remember that I have no sense of humour.
    Thank you!

  3. Chris D'Elia says:

    Stamperoo that was hilarious.

  4. tot mot buy i a lot becuse i wot i more to never say poor me sixpac

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