Big Robot Dog haunts me

A reader named Mike sent this in. It’s kind of… cool?… I guess? But also? TERRIFYING. It’s just a walking robot, but oh man, something about those goose-stepping legs makes me queasy.

When I was a kid I remember watching some Dr.Seuss animated movie in which there was a scene with a bunch of monsters all travelling in the same direction. One of the monsters was basically a yellow swastika with a foot on each end, and it sort of loped along quickly. That thing had no business in a cartoon. It was headless and eyeless and senseless and inexorable and somehow jaunty, and I found it strangely terrifying. The buzzing robot thing in the clip above makes me feel kind of the same (read: squicked). Gah.

But then Mike also sent me this, which more or less made it all ok in the end:

Thanks, Mike. But uh, next time, something fluffy with big cute eyes, ok?


One Response to Big Robot Dog haunts me

  1. Matthea says:

    Mat showed me this a few months back. I hate it. It’s what my nightmares are made of.

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