OMG Bunny! OMG Hedgehog!

I’m not sure I want this blog to turn into OMG CUTE, but then again: OMG CUTE!


I was unable to think of a caption for this.  I think the Bunny is talking and hath a lithp becauth hith toung ith sthicking out, and I think the Hedgehog maybe isn’t talking.  But that’s as far as I got; feel free to contribute thomthing adorable in the commenth.

Also, OMG Thanks! to J-Hep for the image.


2 Responses to OMG Bunny! OMG Hedgehog!

  1. Jennifer says:

    The friend I stole this from titled it “Neener Squared”

  2. ratchh says:

    bunny: pffffffft :P
    hedgehog: …kids..

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