Whopper Virgins

Sandveech Amerikan, dobro, da.

Sandveech Amerikan, dobro, da.

Burger King is going all-out in their marketing these days- they’re offering a free Whopper to anyone who dumps 10 Facebook friends, marketing a cologne called “Flame” that smells like a burger-broiler, and they’ve made a wicked short documentary about a bunch of Romanians, Thais, and Inuit doing a Big Mac / Whopper taste test as they eat their first-ever hamburgers. The 7-minute Whopper Virgins video is pretty fun to watch. In that photo above, I love how the dude on the right is just holding his tomato slice like it ain’t no thing.


One Response to Whopper Virgins

  1. devan hambrock says:

    BK Flame is one of the most sought after fragrances on the web today. Just try and get your hands on one of the $3.99 (plus S&H) bottles.
    they are sold out worldwide, but you can still get on a waiting list.

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