Nostalgia: Rainbow Brite stuff

Remember Rainbow Brite? Remember these Paint-With-Water books? I LOVED these when I was wee.


Last month my friend Patrice’s sister-in-law Noelle found one of these Indigo dolls (Rainbow Brite’s black friend!) on Ebay for her Xmas present. What an amazing idea; nostalgia toys as gifts. Never even occurred to me.


I still have my Indigo doll. Her little purple harem pants were removeable, as was her sparkly bra-top thing (I guess she was supposed to be a bellydancer?). Noelle said it was reallly hard to find an Indigo who still had all her clothes, which is kind of weird and tragicomedic if you think about it.

And this one- Rainbow Brite’s horse, Starlite. I still have one of these in pretty decent condition. They go for around $100 (!) on eBay nowadays.


I gotta dig some pf these gems out of the closet next time I go to my parents’ house. I was pretty good about keeping my toys clean and intact, so they’d probably be worth a few bones. After all this time, I don’t know that I’d want to sell them, though. Maybe I’ll just get a big Ikea shelf and line them up in my apartment, like a cross between an 80s-kitsch-obsessed gay hipster dude and the 40-year-old Virgin.


One Response to Nostalgia: Rainbow Brite stuff

  1. SARAH says:

    How much for your Indigo doll??????? It would mean alot for a friend of mine.

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