Biological Kaleidoscope

3 minutes of pretty, including some very confused ducks. There’s music, but it’s of the Phillip Glass variety- you can watch silently and you won’t miss nothin’.

I distinctly remember sitting on the stairs as a child, on the phone to my best friend Saba. We must have been 6 or 7. I told her I’d just gotten a kaleidoscope, and she asked what that was. It’s a scope, I told her, and you look inside and things collide. My explanation was interrupted by my dad laughing his ass off in the next room. I don’t think I was wrong, though.


One Response to Biological Kaleidoscope

  1. huggpress says:

    Milla just got her first kaleidoscope. She calls it her “kallalistope” and looks into it and yells, “Land, ho!”

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