Patrick Stewart on male pattern baldness

December 4, 2008
Wait, is that Richard Gere?

Wait, is that Richard Gere?

Funny and rather moving 5 minute talkshow interview.


In which I get all meta for a sec.

December 4, 2008

My bloog is just shy of 6 months old, and has received much more traffic & commentary than I ever expected when I started it this summer. Thanks, y’all! Someone mentioned to me today (and I believe I saw a wistful tear in his eye as we spoke) that he was having a hard time digging up the older posts on my bloog.

Anyway, in response to his (tearful, I do believe) plaint, I have added some widgets to the sidebar that should make it easier to go back in virtual time in case you ever feel the urge to browse anything in the archives. While this will be visually evident to the webcrawlers among you, I just thought I’d mention it in a post for all the peeps who consume my semi-coherent burble via RSS readers.

If you don’t already know what an RSS reader is, you can read the gibberishy & overcomplicated explanation on Wikipedia, or you can sit right there & keep reading as I explain it.

Basically, RSS will revolutionize the way you procrastinate.

The initials RSS officially stand for one of three possible titles: “Rich Site Summary” (too technical), “RDF Site Summary” (huh?) and/or “Really Simple Syndication” (too cute). I prefer “Radically Simplified Surfing”. Basically it’s a computer tool that acts like a friendly St. Bernard dog.

Don't call me "chick", bitch.

Every time you boot it up, your RSS reader will quickly run out to all the websites you like and, in mere seconds, will faithfully bring you back all their latest posts. The program pops all the posts from all those blogs into one organized table, and you can browse through really quickly by skimming the headlines of all the posts. Then, with a single click, you can open a simple, quick-loading version of each post. The text, photos & videos show up, but not the website design or ads, which is cool because I read a bunch of weirdly-cluttered websites with dumb blinky ads all over them and they make me stabby when they flash at me. It’s also good for reading articles on a commute, as the text of the articles is stored in the program and can be accessed even when you’re offline.

100px-feed-iconsvgTo add any website to your RSS feed, all you have to do is click the little orange icon in the address bar up there, see it? Easy peasy Japanesey Asian!

My personal RSS program is Net News Wire, which I actually purchased (!) a few years ago. But now there are many free RSS readers. You can use Google Reader or something like that. Highly recommend. At the height of my RSS addiction, I was reading over 200 sites a day, Madness! Now I’ve pared it down to about 40 sites. That’s not Madness! any more, it’s more like Pouting! or something.

Wait, what was this post about again? Oh yeah, how my ego imagines that people love my blog so much they get emotional when they can’t easily access the archives. I find that really moving, you guys, and I’m flattered, but also, being so addicted to my every thought can’t be healthy, you know? Balance is everything.