Total incoherence, but maybe some of you feel the same.

I can’t stop looking at photos of Obama and of the crowd at Grant Park and all the front pages of all the newspapers. And when I look at them I feel this intense, lovely feeling- like there’s no way my lungs can fit into my ribcage, and my breath catches and my nose runs because my eyes are tearing up and my heart pounds a little and I hope I hope I just HOPE. I keep thinking about Obama’s speech and the huge moment in history it represents and the awe and silence with which we listened to it, and how proud of him I feel and how deeply I admire him, and how intensely I felt goodness, just plain goodness, things can be so good. I felt like I was going to explode as he spoke because it was just too big, and I keep remembering the quick conversation I had with my dad on the phone right after the results were announced and how quietly happy he was that the world has come this far, and knowing that all over the world people felt the same as we felt, and those are all huge things and yet still none of that is big enough to describe how I feel. I don’t have any words for how I feel. It’s so good, and it really happened! And even this isn’t enough to explain it. But these women’s faces kind of do.





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