Idea Conference: Elliott Malkin’s talk

October 30, 2008
It will all make sense if you listen to the talk.

It will all make sense if you listen to the talk.

My friend Elliott Malkin will be more familiar on this blog as dziga, bearer of interesting links. He recently presented at Chicago’s Idea Conference – billed as “A conference on designing information spaces of all kinds”.
He’s an information architect and new media artist, and at the conference, he spoke about several mostly-unrelated things:
the Orthodox Jewish structure known as an eruv,
the process of collecting biographical information about his ancestor Hyman Victor, who emigrated to Chicago from Eastern Europe in 1918,
and his interest in feeding monarch butterflies on his Manhattan balcony.

I think the talk is well worth listening to- his projects are cool, and meticulously documented. Plus he has a strong Chicago accent which is not to be missed.

You can listen to the full talk in 3 separate sections (totalling about 30 minutes) here.