Karate cat: the filet mignon of the internet

October 24, 2008

When she heard I might lose my internet access for the rest of the night, Hill proved herself a true friend and served me, as a sort of last meal, a clip that I seriously think is the truffle-encrusted shark fin steak of the web. Punchy and brief, this is choice online hilarity. Karate cat, y’all. Watch this.

Ten perfect seconds.

Ten perfect seconds.

You’re gonna wanna watch it a few times (in fact, I defy you not to). Look at the moment the kitten realizes he’s about to get plowed. His tiny paws hesitate just for a moment, and then, RRROW. So good.

Also I realized I can still be online if I hold the charger cord at juuust the right angle. The stupid charger and its cord are heating up like you wouldn’t believe, and if I fall asleep doing this, the detestable thing will likely melt into my carpet and set my apartment on fire for the second time in 13 months, but I have internet, y’all!