Colin Powell endorses Obama – and finally raises the Muslim question properly.

Colin Powell endorsed Obama. Most news outlets I’ve seen are excerpting only a few seconds of video, essentially the last 30 seconds of Powell’s endorsement. But you should watch the whole thing, because finally, finally, someone is sticking up for Muslims.

I didn’t really have an opinion on Powell until this- but he just made me like him a whole lot. He raised two important points, and chastized Team McCain on their xenophobia:

1. Obama is not Muslim.
Hillary “As far as I know” Clinton should take notes.

2. But more importantly, it shouldn’t matter even if he was.
The America Americans are proud of is one in which it wouldn’t matter. The America Americans are proud of is one in which little Muslim-American kids should be able to envision themselves growing up and running for President, and shame on the McCain camp for encouraging any other point of view.

Powell’s seven-minute endorsement basically synthesizes every jangly, frazzled, emphatic opinion I hold about this election, emulsifying it into something warm and smooth and thoughtful. It’s a silken position purée, an intellectual political velouté, an analytical fricasée of punditry, and well worth listening to. It’s here.

Thanks to dziga for the tip.


3 Responses to Colin Powell endorses Obama – and finally raises the Muslim question properly.

  1. Ryan says:

    After this, McCain has lost all chances to win the election!
    And yes, I think Powell is right!

  2. melformosa says:

    Colin Powell’s remarks on “Meet the Press” are among the most reasonable I have heard (besides Obama) in the entire campaign. Thank you for your post.

  3. random informant says:

    well yeah i wouldn’t mind him being president despite some of his views but the idea of nt having a Muslim in power of the us brings us back to the protestant work ethic, its the thought that maybe he wont work as hard a protestant that is faithful… which is we’ve had all but one or two presidents.
    i personally done believe this idea should be stretched t say this but its just a common overlooked mind set.
    Plus to be an American politician these days its hard as hell to stay faithful and not be persecuted by the other government officials for your views.. but that would bring me into a deep rant about separation between church and state and ive ranted enough…

    We are a christian nation and Alot of people see it that way but things “change” but hopefully the main focus of America will stay the same(“freedom” to the people)

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