Last summer my boyfriend (nope, not that Scott Hepburn, this Scott Hepburn) went to a comic book convention in San Diego. While frolicking in the ocean, he dove face-first into a wave that contained a sizeable jellyfish.

This caused several sorts of unpleasantness: the unpleasantness of the jellyfish’s neurological toxins making his face burn and sting for an hour, and the added unpleasantness of all his friends offering to pee on his face to ease the burn.

He’s very manly, so although his eyes watered, he didn’t cry. Instead, he used the Dune mantra to overcome the insult to his face, reminding himself and anyone who would listen that “Just because your face feels like it’s on fire, doesn’t mean it’s actually on fire. It’s a trick.”

I know, totally hot, huh?

The other day I was feeling handsy, so I made him a little present to belatedly commemorate the experience.

Next up I’m gonna make a life-sized soft-sculpture of his head using pantyhose stuffed with cotton batting, and then make a whole bunch of jellyfish with velcro on them and we can toss them against the pantyhose head and see if they stick. Fun with crafts!


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