Voice actor Kathryn Klvana voices a political ad many ways

This is interesting. One performer reads the same political ad copy 8 different ways. She’s really good. Click here to watch.

Kathryn Klvana, voice actor

Kathryn Klvana, voice actor

I’ve often thought that media training and production should be a part of the school curriculum. After seeing how sincerity is manufactured (no offence on Klvana, either- all performers and public speakers do the exact same thing), you start to appreciate the craft- and therefore the deliberate manipulation- inherent in all ads. An understanding of media production should lead to a populace that’s better able to evaluate information and make smarter, more critical decisions, rather than simple gut decisions based on criteria like “She’s just like me! I would invite her to a dinner party! Hence I will vote for the political party she endorses, and buy the eye cream, too!”


One Response to Voice actor Kathryn Klvana voices a political ad many ways

  1. j.bone says:

    I love spotting manipulative voice-over work.
    Kimball and I watched a lame movie (Passion Fish) the other night. An actress character monologues about a role she played that got cut down to one line. “I didn’t ask for the anal probe.” She describes giving it a few different readings and performs it for us. Angry, confused, exhausted…after which I felt like she’d missed a key variation…Realization! Like, shit, I forgot to ask for the anal probe. I went all the way up into that damn UFO and completely forgot to get the one thing I went up there for!! Crap!!

    I believe Kimball enjoyed my new read on the line. :)

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