Abnormal Things I Saw On My Way Home, Volume 1: Busnail and I

I’ve seen a number of abnormal and/or unpleasant things during recent commutes. Because I always have a camera with me, and because I like to tell stories that involve visual aids, I photographed them. When I downloaded the images on my camera, I was struck by the number of gross and/or weird photos I had taken. I could have asked myself “What’s wrong with me”, but instead I wondered, “What’s wrong with everyone else”.

And so begins a new series of posts, “Abnormal (and/or Unpleasant) Things I Saw On My Way Home”. Alternately titled “What’s wrong with you people”, where “you people” are the people in my city and neighbourhood. Yeah, you.

Here is your first installment.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Why Nicole, you might be saying, That’s just an ordinary TTC bus seat. To which I’ll reply, Wrong. Take a closer look, Wrongie.

Gory detail of above

Gory detail of above

Say it with me now.
“What’s wrong with you people.”


6 Responses to Abnormal Things I Saw On My Way Home, Volume 1: Busnail and I

  1. Hilary Samsa says:

    I’m very much looking forward to the rest of this series. Why indeed. One of my husband’s ex-coworkers used to sit in his cubicle and clip his nails.

  2. jennyhead says:

    I’ve seen people clip their nails on the subway THREE TIMES in the last year. When time number four crops up….. boy….. better pray you won’t be on MY train.

  3. alisonjutzi says:

    More more more.

  4. elliott says:

    I promise I have not recently been to your neighborhood.

  5. […] Bunched-up transit Interesting article on Torontoist explaining why every morning, my streetcar doesn’t come for half an hour, and then three come all at once. No word yet on why the seats on my streetcar sometimes come with special prizes. […]


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