Air Miles are jerks

Am I seeing things, or is that happy face totally mocking me?

Am I seeing things, or is that happy face totally mocking me?

I’m not gonna even tell you how long I’ve been collecting Air Miles, both on my Air Miles card and on an Air Miles credit card. I have never redeemed any miles. And this amount of miles- collected over a period of YEARS- is about enough to trade in for a $20 yoga mat. I don’t even think I could fly to Rochester with this piddling dribble of miles, let alone somewhere good. Air Miles are jerks. I need a new loyalty card. Maybe one that will give me a free bag of popcorn every five years, that would be a step up.


3 Responses to Air Miles are jerks

  1. megan says:

    two tickets to a movie with a medium popcorn and two medium drinks is 250 points…

    a two for one voucher for the movies is 25 points.

    that’s all i ever redeem them for. although, apparently 250 points will also get you $20 grocery gift certificate, and I know someone else who gets gas cards with them.

    i can’t think of anyone who had used air miles points to fly anywhere. apparently to do that you need to get a specific air carrier points card, or one of those avion cards from the royal, that kind of thing. I know someone who would fly to vancouver with her partner every year on points. They used their card for EVERYTHING, including paying their rent.

  2. Stephen says:

    Just back from a week in London and Paris in which we used our Air Miles for one of the tickets. It’s much easier to rack up the Air Miles in Western Canada where we have Safeway for groceries plus other assorted retailers.

    My partner and I accumulate approximately 5000 Air Miles per year via our regular shopping, bonus offers (Safeway etc) plus BMO and Amex credit cards. Also accumulating lots of Air Canada Aeroplan miles at the same time.

  3. stamperoo says:

    Stephen, do you work for Air Miles? 5000 miles a year? What on earth are you buying? Is it like in Punch-Drunk Love when Adam Sandler buys an entire shipping pallet of pudding? TELL ME YOUR SECRET. I can’t even get to London and Paris, Ontario with my piddlin’ total.

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