Babies on film

Michelle Tanner, Volume A

Michelle Tanner, Volume A

Interesting article written by the mom of twin baby boys who played a baby in Malcolm In The Middle, about the Hollywood baby industry, which has to constantly seek new babies because they grow so darn fast. Note to Hollywood: if theatre school taught me anything it’s that a blanket-wrapped bag of rice makes a totally convincing stage baby. But whatever, producers and directors, go ahead and do things the hard way if it makes you feel important.

Directors prefer to use twins and triplets to play a single baby because it gives them double or triple the time to film without violating strict labor laws that limit how long babies spend on camera. A mini-industry has sprung up to scout for and cast these tiny stars. Its tentacles reach into the outlying suburbs of Los Angeles, where most twins are recruited.

The baby business also has its aggressive side. Some expectant mothers sign up with managers shortly after their twins are born, tracked down in maternity wards.

A baby can legally launch his Hollywood career when he is 15 days old, assuming his pediatrician approves. But if he’s looking to play a newborn role, he may be washed up as soon as he reaches 2 months and weighs more than 10 pounds.

Full article.

Also, this is confusing. A bag of rice the exact weight of your newborn, with her name and her little face printed on it. You can get it shipped to relatives, so they can feel what it’s like to cradle your little miracle in their arms, and then, uh, eat her with soy sauce.

Are you supposed to rip this bag open and cook it?

Are you supposed to rip this bag open and cook it?


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