Mac Rogers says interesting things.

I have no idea who this dude is other than that he’s a young indie playwright who lives in NYC. I found an interview with him where he said something I really liked:

…I don’t know what’s going on. I want there to be one spot I can look at and see the whole thing, but there is no such spot. This was something I loved about the recent film Cloverfield, that the glimpses of the monster were metaphorically true to what I experience when I try to look at the world around me, or even at myself: there’s a leg – oh – wait – there’s the jaws for a second – there’s the eyes – wait, there it’s going around the corner and I barely saw anything! I can’t see what’s happening while it’s happening. There’s too much work, too much need for entertainment and sensation, too many places to be.

And then I link-hopped over to his blog, where I found another post I liked, about how to make political theatre.

Sometimes I think about all the good stuff waiting out there on the internet and I freak out a bit.


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