Quote of the day

Some of my friends’ jobs involve teaching components, and we were e-discussing the ups and downs of this line of employment. A significant down might be that it reminds you, the teacher, that you are no longer a cool party going student who has really meaningful emotions
substance abuse issues other commitments that sometimes make you waay too asleep over for class interfere with getting assignments in on time. Further to this, Hill commented that,

My rule for students was, you were allowed to hand in one paper late as long as you promised never to give me your explanation why. I thought I was going to lose my mind if I heard one more “My boyfriend and I had a huge fight and then I had to drive him to the airport and then it was, like, 2 am and then my roommate got alcohol poisoning . . . etc. etc. ” Seriously, just zip it and give me the paper. Save the emo for your band.

PS, I was on a university campus yesterday for reasons unrelated to education, and oh my goodness, it’s frosh week! Cute little shouldn’t-you-be-in-OACs stumbling around with purple paint on their faces, getting waterboardedgunned by power-mad 20 year olds. Say it with me now: AAAAWWWW!


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