Like looking in a mirror, it was.

The other day, I hustled my way into a subway train, sat down, looked up, and saw myself.

By which I mean that there was a girl sitting in the seat adjacent to mine who looked so exactly, weirdly, like me, that I blurted (because sometimes I blurt), “Oh my god, we’re twins.”

She turned her head slowly, with that dread-filled expression people have when other people blurt things at them in trains, but when she saw me her eyes widened, and then she burst out laughing. And everyone else within earshot was grinning. I’m not kidding, me and this girl look like curly-topped clones.

Then we were stuck in an awkward situation because we were sitting Really Close Together with our Identical Faces, but what else is there to say about that? “Wow, we both have totally slanty eyes!” Awkward. So, in the interest of having something, anything, to do, she dug around in her bag and had a stick of gum, and I dug around in my bag and applied some lip balm. But while applying said lip balm, of course I used the opportunity to sneak some more super-sneaky glances at her. Only they weren’t that sneaky, because our eyes kept meeting, because she was sneaking the exact same non-sneaky glances at me, we are so alike in that way!

So then we started talking, and we realized that people have actually mistaken us for one another in the past. I’ve been called by her name on the street by strangers, and strangers have occasionally congratulated her for the show I work on.

While exchanging these pleasantries, we’re interrupting ourselves every nineteen seconds to start laughing again at how absolutely weird it is to meet someone who looks like us. I mean, there are lots of girls of our same general “type” out there, but this chick and I share, it seems, a “genotype”.

And sometimes when I meet my long lost clone out of the blue on public transit, I take a photo of her on my cel phone to show my friends later. And this girl? Y’all, it turns out that sometimes she does the same thing, we are so alike in that way! And then sometimes I realize later, like when blogging about it, that I can’t get photos off my celphone without “learning how to use a new form of techmology” and “setting up an account” and “paying exhorbitant data rates” and y’all, my momma taught me better than that. So that photo is staying on the phone, ask to see it some time and I will tell you this whole story again, in person! It will take even longer to tell because I will mime the part about the lip balm!

Anyway, as you’d expect, this girl and I of course traded names and became Facebook friends, and so now I can use Facebook to its full potential, which is to poach through her pics & then use Photoshop to prove my point about how we look alike. So, y’all, let me introduce you to my new twinfriend, the lovely Chantelle. And our hybrid photoshop daughter, Chancole.




3 Responses to Like looking in a mirror, it was.

  1. more pics says:

    i don’t see the resemblance at all…more pictures?

  2. megan says:

    hmm. that must have been kind of freaky.

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