Found photographs, and a hipster dilemma.

I randomly found this link & clicked through to discover this found photoset of a woman with Down syndrome, dressed in fashionable clothing and grinning while being photographed in her back garden, at the seaside, etc, throughout the 1970s. And I really liked it.

And then I looked to see what site I was on, and it was Vice Magazine, and suddenly I liked the photoset way less. And I didn’t really understand why. And then I thought about Vice for 20 seconds and remembered how excited I’d be back in the day, when a new one came out (I remember how subversive it felt to read it years ago, when I was wee, back when email addresses, if you had one, were meaningless jumbles, back before Vice was even printed on glossy). And now I don’t really read Vice any more because I avoid Queen West like it’s got cooties, and where the heck else do you find Vice. But historically, I’ve usually liked the style & content of the articles. And then I decided to think some more about Vice.

And then I realized that it’s 3:30 am and I’m too tired to close my mouth, let alone think, and mouth-breathing in the dry, dry mountain air of Banff makes you feel, in the words of a very eloquent woman I’m working with here, as though there’s a suede sock stuffed in your oral cavity. So instead, I ask you, friends, to ponder my new-found prejudice against Vice and the perhaps-exploitative nature of these photos. Why did their being posted on Vice make me like them less, and is that wrong?


4 Responses to Found photographs, and a hipster dilemma.

  1. megan says:

    I have no idea what ‘Vice’ is. I mean, I know what vice is, I have several of them, but have no idea what ‘Vice’ is.

  2. megan says:

    okay, i just looked at them, and I’d like to add, why the hell are the mother and daughter dressed the same so often that just feels creepy. if my mum and i end up wearing similar clothes (jeans and a black tee shirt for example) one of us changes (because, you know, we’re vain)…

  3. jeremy says:

    I’m guessing the woman with down syndrome liked to fit in with her family.

  4. alisonjutzi says:

    I love the photos, though I wonder how the family’s personal albums ended up in a market.

    As for your aversion to Vice, I wonder if it speaks to your discomfort with remembering a younger and more naive you. I feel like this when I smell the lip gloss I wore in grade 8, or find a letter from an old boyfriend.


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