Modern caveman makes bone tools

Found the blog of a guy who’s living as primitively as possible (except, of course, that he’s taking lots of photos and blogging about it, I am SO GLAD I live in this century). He’s eating a hunter/gatherer diet, making his own tools, etc. I particularly liked his tutorial on how to crack an animal’s a leg bone so you can make tools out of it.

Personally, sometimes after dinner, I like to slip on my pennyloafers and take a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood. Or perhaps I’ll decant a bottle of cabernet-sauvignon, put out an easy snack of asiago and figs drizzled with a little aged balsamico, and play a lively round of charades with my college chums. Not this guy; he rather prefers to smash open deer bones, eat the marrow, and use the splinters to make arrowheads and spear tips.

Femur bone, tempered in fire, make good tool for smash

Femur bone make good tool for smash

Step One:
Put either end of the bone into a fire. I suspended it from the pothanger on this occation. You want it to char quite a bit in that end, but not have the flames travel further up the bone. Heat makes bone brittle. Which is why we are doing this. After you have done one end, do the other.

Step Two:
Heat gently over the middle also, just to tighten up the membranes resting on the bone.

Step Three:
Pad a stone with buckskin and strike the rounded end of the bone off with a hammerstone.

Step Six:
The marrow will be mostly raw, but slightly cooked close to the ends. Eat it all as long as the bone is fresh. Yummy!

I have but two words for this dude: Bad Ass. I’ve added his blog to my daily marathon reading list, so I promise you, pageslap readers, this is not the last of the splintery, ash-coated throwback posts from our paleolithic pasts.

Found via Tara the Hobo Stripper (also a fantastic read, more on her soon).


6 Responses to Modern caveman makes bone tools

  1. Mike says:

    I love that the required materials for this little exercise include a buckskin. I like picturing this how-to as one of those stupid Ikea assembly cartoons. Required: Bone, buckskin, hammerstone and fire.

  2. stamperoo says:

    Try to focus, Angelika.

  3. Anonymous says:

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