Flags of the world, graded on graphic design

This guy has looked at every single world flag and graded it as though it’s a design-school project, with funny commentary and horrible little GIF icons to mock the bad ones. Pretty awesome. A couple of highlights:

Gambian goodness.

Gambian goodness.

Gambia is his pick for the top flag in the world, scoring 90%. Comments include “good colours, and strong representation of the country’s geography without using an actual map”. Green for land, blue for the massive River Gambia, red for the sun.

Eh?  Eh?

Eh? Eh?

Canada comes in a strong 10th, behind a bunch of other flags with clear colours and simple, centred icons- Pakistan, Japan, Vietnam, Somalia, Israel, Switzerland. Comments: the maple leaf is too literal/detailed. Not a bad point- a flag should be easy to draw, and we’ve all failed with a lopsided maple leaf or two in our educational history, amirite?

I smell a copycat.  And some piney goodness.

I smell a copycat. And some piney goodness.

Norfolk Islands he graded much ower, calling it “an obvious rip-off of Canada’s flag”. Take that, Norfolk Island Pine Tree (that’s the actual name of the species).

That font looks like it was built out of Lego.

That font looks like it was built out of Lego.

Isn’t the point of a flag to represent the nation so you don’t have to write the name of the nation? Fail.


3 Responses to Flags of the world, graded on graphic design

  1. kalman says:

    Wow, great idea, but only a middling realization.

    This guy’s grading is wildly inconsistent. Having clearly established positive and negative criteria like: Original, Good colours, Plagiarism, and Eye Watering (this one actually made me laugh so hard that my eyes did water — the icon is killer), he could have assigned basic +/- grade values to them all, but instead he just kind of wings it.

    For instance he gives Trinidad and Tobago “Bad colours” It’s black, white and red. What’s not to like? He then hits Portugal too, for red and green — to be fair, an argument can be made there. But if that’s how we’re rolling, how does Syria get “Good Colours” for black, white, red AND green?


  2. Cathi says:


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