Bride gets wedding cake shaped like bride

The protein bride looks really angry at the carbohydrate bride.

The protein bride looks really angry at the carbohydrate bride.

Very late last night I was running around in the internet and I found a website called Cake Wrecks– a collection of photos and commentary on failed bakery cakes. It made me laugh so hard I had to stuff a pillow in my mouth so I wouldn’t wake anyone up. Seriously, the bed was shaking. If anyone had seen me they’d have thought I was in the throes of grief. No, my friends, not grief. Cake-induced mirth, possibly the best mirth of all.


16 Responses to Bride gets wedding cake shaped like bride

  1. Kristin says:

    I wonder how much that cost. And how awkward for her guests to be eating the bride. CRRREEEEEEPY

  2. Hill says:

    I would have loved to have seen the guests at the reception be let loose and just go at the thing like wild flesh-eating zombies.

    Do you think they avoided serving any “unseemly” areas?

  3. megan says:

    wow, she looks REALLY unimpressed…

  4. […] who demand that the perfect cutlery be flown in from Sweden, or, you know, that the cake be a life-sized replica of themselves. Plus, Waffle House is […]

  5. stamperoo says:

    Okay, update. Apparently the bride is West African, where effigies are a cultural tradition, and she’s dreamed of a cake like this since she was a little girl and saw one at someone else’s wedding. Apparently they tried to make a groom cake too, but there wasn’t time. And apparently only the skirt is cake; the head & torso bust is an inedible sculpture. Now I feel bad for laughing at someone’s tradition of effigy. You’d think I’d be more understanding what with the giant life-sized statue of Star Trek’s Lieutenant Data that I forced my very non-Trekkie university housemates to endure for 4 long years. And at the end I didn’t even let them eat his skirt.

  6. Kelly K says:

    You had a life-sized Data effigy? Marry me? I think it’s legal in Massachusetts and Cali. Or here in NYC, you could just civil unionize me–oh, but are there dues for that?

    I love ST:TNG.

  7. Acomplia says:

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  8. Aviagra says:

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  9. Marriet says:


  10. Regina says:

    Isso que é comer a noiva, hehe.

  11. Cathi says:

    Thanks for the enlightment on the tradition of effigy

    That’s important, but still, the carb vs. the protein
    bride – priceless. :)

  12. I think that it is a very interesting and amusing article. Practically all its main points are true.

  13. Yousef says:

    boy this is awkward

  14. Yousef says:
     boy this is awkward 
  15. VIC TRAVEL says:


    […]Bride gets wedding cake shaped like bride « pageslap[…]…

  16. Ini Nkanu says:

    How is the upper part of chid’s cake made.pls sent it to my email.thank

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